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We, the couple behind DR Microgreens, have found growing microgreens as a new hobby about 4 years ago. The idea to transform this into a professional commercial vertical farm came to us like the apple falling on to Isaac Newton’s head. However, in our case, it is driven by a desire to give others the opportunity to discover this beautiful healthy ‘fast food’.


How do we grow our microgreens?

Our marvellous mini vegetables are grown using the indoor vertical farming method. We only use organic seeds, British made hemp mats, water and two types of custom-designed LED lights. Our farming room complies with HACCP regulations (management system addressing food safety) and the local Environmental Health Officer approves the production process.


We use the same techniques to grow each type of microgreen. Here Diana is sowing organic China Rosa Radish...


...then she is spraying water during the germination phase. There are no pesticides or herbicides used in this farming room, so our product stays pure.


While being exposed to the light, the microgreens require daily watering.


We offer our product super fresh, so it contains the highest possible amount of nutrients. As soon as our microgreens are manually harvested, they are packed in recyclable boxes (we offer PLA boxes and compostable carton boxes) and delivered to your doorstep within a few hours of harvesting.


These micro vegetables add flavour to any dish and boost each meal with a huge dose of nutrients.

Simply the best!!!


Our current full range of products is available on our website and we hope to add more products in the future. If you would like to place an order please visit our offer page and fill the order form.

We hope you will come to love microgreens just as much as us and help us spread our passion.

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